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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus): Information and updates. Read more

COVID-19 updates & assistance

For up to date information on COVID-19 visit

If you need urgent assistance, call the Department of Health Coronavirus 24/7 Hotline on 1800 020 080.

Be Someone For Someone and lets stay connected

Human beings are social creatures - we’re at our best when connected with each other. Without this, we can quickly become lonely, making us vulnerable to ill health, anxiety and depression.

COVID-19 has caused all Australians to self-isolate and create social distance, making it almost impossible to connect in our usual ways.

When we get cut off from the people and activities we belong to, loneliness can set in. Its more crucial than ever to find creative ways to keep up our connections and to reach out to others.

Click here for tips on how to keep yourself connected.

How to help others

So many people are living alone and experiencing loneliness right now, including millions of seniors and people living with disability who are behind closed doors with noone to visit. You can lift their spirits and give them vital support with our ‘Let’s 5 loneliness’ campaign.

Let's 5 loneliness together, it's easy:

  1. Make a daily 5-minute call
  2. Connect online
  3. Lend a hand or volunteer
  4. Send a note of friendship
  5. Donate $5 (or more if you can)

Click here to find out more.

“There is an antidote
to loneliness and you
have it in your hand.”
Watch the video