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Feros Care has been supporting Australians for over 30 years. If you feel like you don’t have anyone to reach out to, see how we can help those living with disability, and older Australians. Or if you need a different kind of support there are other professionals that you might find it helpful to speak with. Whether that’s your GP, a counsellor or calling a helpline, reaching out is healthy even if it’s hard. These professionals will be able to help you understand why you’re feeling lonely and how best to overcome it. They’ll also be able to help you feel heard and less alone.

  • headspace

    For ages 12-25

    An online and telephone service established by the Australian government that supports young people and their families going through tough times.

  • Kids Helpline

    For ages 5-25

    Australia’s only free, 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people.

  • Lifeline

    For all ages

    A national charity that provides Australians experiencing a personal crisis with 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

  • Relationships Australia

    For all ages

    A provider of relationship support services for individuals, families and communities across Australia.

  • Find a Psychologist

    An online service by the Australian Psychologist Society that can help you connect to a psychologist in your local area.

    Find a psychologist