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Workplace Giving: An important strategy for charities like Be Someone For Someone

For Workplace Giving Month this month we’re discussing just how important these partnerships are for charitable organisations like Be Someone For Someone.

We already know that millennials are demanding to work for an organisation they can be proud of – not for its financial results, but because of its social contribution. We also know this socially conscious cohort is driving an increase in workplace giving programs across Australia.

So just how many employees are already making a pre-tax donation to charity directly from their wage?

The numbers

More than 180,000 Australian employees are currently involved in their workplace giving program. This group of generous workers includes people at all stages of their career, but those aged 25-34 are the most likely to join the movement.

As the number of people getting behind a cause they care about continues to increase, so does the value of their contribution. The most recent data found the average annual donation was $262, up from $60 in previous surveys.

At Be Someone For Someone, we know just how much of a difference these contributions can make. We’re passionate about tackling loneliness and building a more connected community, but we need the generosity of our supporters to continue our research, meaningful advocacy and high-impact programs. That’s why we are huge supporters of the new campaign from Workplace Giving Australia.

One Million Donors

Workplace Giving Australia is on a mission to get one million Australians donating through their workplace. The One Million Donors initiative promotes these programs as a three-way win for business, employees and charities.

By donating through their payroll, there is no need for employees to remember to make a payment each month, and it’s this simplicity that has attracted plenty of major Australian companies already, including JB HI FI, Australia Post, The Good Guys, Commonwealth Bank and Hoyts.

When The Good Guys launched its workplace giving program, the organisation saw almost half their employees jump on-board in less than a year.

“Our initial big burst of participation has been fantastic, and now with the WPG form being part of the new employee pack, our Managers are all leading the way as advocates for the program,” The Good Guys CSR Manager, Jody O’Brien told Workplace Giving Australia.

“Our positive results are showing that when people know that together we can continue The Good Guys tradition of making a positive difference in the community, supporting Workplace Giving is the popular choice!”

How do we get there?

When more than 80% of Australians consider an organisation’s commitment to social issues when deciding where to work, employers should be confident in promoting their workplace giving program internally.

But it seems almost one-quarter of workplace givers had to seek out the program themselves.

This gap in communication is what prompted Workplace Giving Australia CEO Jenny Geedes to call on employers to support their staff members through the process.

“Workplace giving is proving to be a stable and recurring form of fundraising,” Jenny said.

“On behalf of those in our community in need, we encourage employers to implement a campaign for their team to get behind… all the 50 cents and $1 dollar donations from working Australians add up to millions when combined with other working Australians.”

To help build the bridge between employers, employees and charities, Workplace Giving Australia has created a range of helpful of resources, including email templates, TV commercials, and even a suggested calendar of events.

Let’s Talk

Together with your help, we can hit Workplace Giving Australia’s goal of one million donors.

Be Someone For Someone is in a great position to help organisations set up their workplace giving program. Our partnerships aren’t just about the donations, we want our supporters to feel the impact of their contribution.

Having worked with large corporates for more than three decades, Head of Be Someone For Someone, Jo Winwood is determined to make workplace giving a simple and rewarding experience for every donor and business.

“The beauty about workplace giving is that it is so simple to do. We can help organisations get set up help communicate the program to staff. We know how important it is to help people understand the difference they are making so provide regular updates to show the impact the contributions make- and they can be shared internally as well as to customers and shareholders.

"Because it involves small regular payments before the taxman takes his part, the difference to the individual hip pocket is hardly noticeable – but difference we can make to the lives of people experiencing loneliness is enormous."

If your business doesn’t have a workplace giving program yet, why not get together with your team and discuss how you could get a program going.

To hear more about how we could tailor a workplace giving program or other corporate partnership with your organisation and tackle loneliness together, please contact Jo Winwood, Head of Be Someone For Someone [email protected] on 0475 970763.

Support Be Someone For Someone through your organisation and you will be joining fight against the growing epidemic of loneliness that is cutting short the lives of thousands of Australians each year.