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What kind of neighbour are you?

Feros Care, and by extension Be Someone For Someone, is officially ‘a very neighbourly organisation’ after partnering with Relationships Australia as an advocate for Neighbour Day.

Held on the last Sunday of March every year, Neighbour Day is Australia’s celebration of community, encouraging people to connect with others who live in their neighbourhood.

This year, the team at Relationships Project have completed some great research into the different type of heroes you’re likely to find around your ‘hood, and we have put together a fun quiz for you to find out what type of 'Hood Hero you are. 

Which 'Hood Hero are you? 

Complete our quiz to find out, then check out all you need to know about how you can help your community this Neighbour Day!


The Community Weaver

When it comes to your ‘hood, you’re the glue that pieces everyone together. You know who’s who, and what’s what, and you’re passionate about forming connections - because you know that everyone is stronger when brought together. From coming up with fresh, new ideas to improve your surroundings, to planning the events and introducing neighbours to each other, you’re full of confidence and energy, oiling the wheels to maximise the impact of groups in your ‘hood.  You’re a born leader and organiser, and you believe in the power of community. Communities are stronger thanks to people like you, so thank you.

How you can help create a connected neighborhood! 

  • Organise regular neighbourhood gathering such as a monthly BBQ in the street or Friday afternoon drinks. 

  • Organise welcome to the street group – a gathering for new neighbours. 

  • Introduce organisations that are doing similar work so they can power up their impact. 

The Practical Tasker

You’re a busy bee - your schedule is pretty packed so committing long term is hard for you. In saying that, you’re very willing to stop and help out those in need, when called to arms. Whether it’s picking up a prescription for someone who can’t get to the chemist or baking a cake to contribute to the bake sale, you’re quick to respond to help with practical tasks. Your energy for getting that one thing done to help someone in need is admirable. We couldn’t do without your practical yet flexible nature, as you know that every little bit goes a long way.

How you can help create a connected neighborhood! 

  • Keep your eye out on local community boards for requests for help.  

  • Get to know your neighbours, let them know to call if they ever need anything.  

  • If you’re finding your schedule is just too jam packed and you can’t support in-person, there may be local organisations you can donate to, such as 

The Empathiser

You might have started out giving ad hoc task related support, but you have really found purpose in the role of a “volunteer” and building relationships with the people you are helping. You’re happy to be known as a “volunteer” and enjoy working with people in a more structured way. You’re super compassionate and this makes the people you support feel worthwhile and valued.  You love making people feel valued and, wow, we love that about you!

How you can help create a connected neighborhood! 

  • Your lovely, caring nature will make you an incredible fit for our social volunteering program, which aims to make a difference with one-on-one companionship for those who need it most. We match people with common interests to spend time together, and offer you support as one of our volunteers including training, mentoring and peer support. After all, we’re creating connections together. 
    Find out more about it here:  

The  Visionary Disrupter

You’re all about doing things better and making more impact. You’re a changemaker and a futurist, not willing to accept that what we do now is enough. You bravely challenge structures that you feel have had their time and you activate people around you to see new ways to do things. You’re passionate about the power of community to take the future in its own hands and to build grass roots resilience. Through you, neighbours are inspired to take the future of the community into their own hands and to build resilience.

How you can help create a connected neighborhood! 

  • Put the call out to the community via a letterbox drop or community board and call a meeting- see what people would like to change and do and set up a resilience or connection committee to make it happen.  

  • See what existing local committees you can join, such as the council or school P&C, so you can really rally to make a difference for your neighbourhood. 

  • Tell us how you have activated your community to take the power of connection into their own hands and we’ll share the story. You can share your story with us via our website or our Facebook or Instagram pages. 

The Everyday Carer

You were born to care for others and you’ve been doing it your whole life. You don’t consider yourself a volunteer and you have no need for a structure to support what you do. You shun praise or reward. Helping others is in your DNA and you notice and give exactly the right help, at exactly the right time. We couldn’t survive without your natural born goodness. Thank you for everything that you do.

How you can help create a connected neighborhood! 

  • You’re already doing so much to create a connected neighbourhood – nice job! Why not share your tips and tricks with those around you? We need more people like you in this world! You can share your tips and tricks with us via our website or our  Facebook  or Instagram  pages. 


To find out more about Neighbour Day, visit  or