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The best - and most thoughtful - Christmas gifts for lonely seniors

At Be Someone For Someone, we believe that no one should be lonely at Christmas time – and that’s especially true for some of our seniors, who have been more isolated than ever due to another year of COVID-19

The holiday season offers a lot of opportunities for connecting with your local community, especially as the best gift is often as simple as giving the company of time – and maybe a small gesture just to say, ‘I’m thinking of you’.

Read our ideas below and hashtag your own efforts with #morethemerrier to show us how you’re connecting with someone this Christmas, whether they’re a family member, neighbour or even someone at your local aged care facility.

Bake a special treat

When we reached out to our communities to find out what they do for special seniors in their lives, the consensus was overwhelming – people love to bake!

“Our neighbors are all elderly people who seldom have people visit them,” Joy tells us. “When we first moved in with young children, we kept to ourselves, but one year we decided to make the first step to cheer them up. We baked something with the kids, and now it’s a Christmas tradition we have ongoing for 4 years. I know that they look forward to the smile of the 3 children on their doorstep."

Bonus points if you can connect with a senior in your life to attempt a tried-and-tested recipe.

“I love to spoil family and friends with my grandma’s shortbread recipe, plus chocolate balls and caramel fudge,” Kate says. “I even have a fudge competition going with dad – he makes a chocolate one.”

Write a Christmas card

There’s something so special about a handwritten card to let someone know they matter – and you can get as creative as you like with drawings, pictures and poems!

Offer it to a senior in your life, or send it directly to us so that we can send it on to a senior who would love it:

Feros Care Locked Bag 1
Coolangatta, QLD, 4225

Sponsor a Christmas hamper

Have a little bit of extra cash to offer? Why not offer a donation this festive season. Any amount you can spare will go towards Christmas hampers of connection for seniors who would otherwise be lonely this Christmas; they’ll even receive a phone call on Christmas Day from a specially selected elf or fairy, ready to spread Christmas cheer. Find more details here. 

Give the gift of technology

Take a few minutes and sit down with them to go through how to use the iPad to google something or look up the weather. You could even teach them a Tiktok dance and join in with our #AskGranNotGoogle campaign to show off their special skills – such as sharing their best recipe with your network.

Take a pet for a visit

Sometimes there’s nothing like the presence of a furry friend to cheer someone up; especially in your local aged care residential village.

Deanna gives us the example of visiting an elderly neighbour who had to move off his farm and into town: “I was able to take one of my goat kids, a pet chook and my dog in for the Christmas visit. I could see his face light up as he petted the farm friends he misses so much living in town. It was a joyful occasion for both of us!”

Don’t worry if you can’t get access to something as exciting as a goat – any pet will do, it’s just worth checking in with the aged care village (if relevant) on what they will allow. Get sentimental Know a senior who might really be missing someone they love? A gift commemorating them in some way will bring tears to eyes – in the best possible way.

“For our first year without my aunt Cathy, I bought my mum a set of cards with pictures of Cathy on the cards,” Rachel tells us. “We often used to play Bush Rummy with her. This year, we can now play together and remember her.”

Need further ideas for connecting with seniors in your community? Click here to read about our More the Merrier campaign.