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3 last-minute ways to bring people together at Christmas

At Be Someone For Someone, we truly believe that no one should be lonely at Christmas, especially our treasured seniors.

For the third year running, our More the Merrier Christmas campaign has been encouraging businesses and communities to extend their festivities to those who may be alone. It is our ambition that less people are lonely this Christmas.

We’ve already delivered 71 hampers to lonely seniors, and plan to deliver many more; as well as calling around on Christmas Day and checking in on those who need it most.

If you’d also like to give back this year and offer the gift of connection, here are a few great ideas from our community.

Invite those who may be alone to join your lunch table

“Every year I host an orphan’s Christmas, with the guests varying from year to year. This year we are sitting down with my immediate family, a local journalist, a musician, a doctor, and my foster son's grandmother will also be joining us this year.” - Kathleen

“We live on an isolated street in the suburbs of Sydney, down the road is a big apartment block with international students living often alone, and we often extend the invitation for them to come and join us in Christmas dinner and beers!” - Ben

“We always open our doors up to friends that have no family around to share it with or having a hard time in their life, we also buy them presents so they don’t miss on out on the gift receiving joy of Christmas Day. They also always leave with a plate of leftover food for the next day.” - Shae

Organise something special for others – it's the thought that counts!

“Being a FIFO worker and away at Christmas time, I make sure that all workmates take time to call their families, we usually work all day & celebrate with your fellow workers after work at the wet mess whilst still enjoying a great xmas feed.” - David

“I’ve organised for my single parent friends to enjoy an afternoon at the beach together with packaged up Christmas lunch left overs and bubbly to keep each other company while our children spend time with the other side of their family.” - Samantha

Go for a walk and say hello to the neighbours

“The week of Christmas my family and I walk down our street door knocking to hand out chocolates and say Merry Christmas to our neighbours.” - Steph

“I try to wear my Santa hat out and about in the lead-up to Christmas. When trying to connect with people on a basic level, it’s a good way to start as it always brings a smile. And a wave, a smile a nod... it all helps!” - Judy

Ready to give the gift of connection in your community? Click here to read about our More the Merrier campaign.