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The 'More the Merrier' was the first campaign launched by Be Someone For Someone in Christmas 2019! With Christmas known to be the loneliest time of year, we encouraged Australians to think of someone who might be lonely last Christmas and make a pledge to make their Christmas a little merrier.

Together with you, we helped over 400 people last Christmas - from setting an extra seat at the family’s Christmas lunch to visiting patients at the local hospital – the stories were heart-warming. Below are a few of the wonderful stories that came about as a result, and to show how easy it is to help Australia be a more connected place by extending friendship to someone who might need it. A place where no one needs to be lonely and everyone feels connected and valued.

  • Photo of Gwenny

    Tania and Gwenny's Story

    A lovely story that was shared with us was Tania, a Feros Care Community Support Worker and Gwen, a Feros Care client. Gwen is 94 years old, lives on her own and has no family – she had spent many Christmases completely alone. Tania decided to change that this year for Gwenny, visiting her to help her decorate her own, even setting up her own Christmas Tree. Tania invited any visitors providing services to Gwenny to leave a gift under the Christmas Tree which they cheerfully did. It transformed Christmas for Gwenny- who was all smiles opening her Christmas presents!

  • Photo of Andrea, Memo and Danny

    Andrea, Memo and Danny's Story

    Another story of connection came from Andrea. Andrea invited two siblings, Memo and Danny to join her own family Christmas lunch, as they had recently moved to Australia and had no family or friends to celebrate with. It was wonderful for Memo and Danny to spend the evening with people their own age who had similar experiences; Andrea’s brother and sister-in-law also recently moved to the Gold Coast and understood how lonely that can be. Memo and Danny learned what a Christmas cracker is and exchanged stories. The fully decorated house, present swapping and family meal reminded Memo and Danny of home and made the day memorable instead of lonely.

We received amazing feedback on the campaign – with people eager to open and read our communications, visit the website and make pledges on our pledge wall. Those who got involved all told us how great the experience was - and that it had made their Christmas merrier too. Exactly what the campaign intended.

We want to thank everyone who pledged to make the “More the Merrier”. This year being a leap year, you have a whole 366 days to reach out, connect with others and feel the joy you give when you share your heart with someone who might be lonely.