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We believe that no one should be lonely at Christmas, especially our treasured seniors. For the third year running, our More the Merrier Christmas campaign encourages businesses and communities to extend their festivities to those who may be alone. It is our ambition that less people are lonely this Christmas.

In our work at Feros Care we see loneliness every day. People who worry that they will never hear their name spoken again. Or that their voices won’t work – it’s been so long since they used them. More than 1 in 4 people experience loneliness which is proven to lead to physical illness, depression and for some, the desire to end it all.

Help us create a joyful,
connected Christmas because our seniors deserve so much more

Christmas usually brings up thoughts of family and friends joyfully celebrating, swapping presents, laughter and great food. But, it will be a dreaded time for thousands of seniors alone this year.

We want to help
people like John

When we first met John he was heartbreakingly facing his 30th Christmas alone. Worse still, after several strokes that year he was also unable to shop for essential groceries and food.

Our team made John’s a Christmas to remember, by including him in a range of festivities that showed him he really did still matter.

Give a senior the gift of a connected Christmas

The impacts of COVID-19 isolation will linger long after lockdowns have ended and Christmas is the worst time to feel alone.

Here are some ways you can help

More The Merrier Christmas Card

There’s something so special about a handwritten card to let someone know they matter. So, we want your help to send Christmas greeting cards to treasured seniors to show them we care. It’s the personal touch, from one human being to another. Who knows what difference this simple gesture could make?

  1. Step 1 Write your Christmas card

    Be as creative as you like by adding drawings, pictures and poems.

    Don’t forget to make the writing large and easy-to-read.

  2. Step 2 Post your Christmas card

    Send it to the address below and we will do the rest.

    Feros Care
    Locked Bag 1
    Coolangatta, QLD, 4225

    Make sure your card is sent to us by the 14th of December so it arrives before Christmas.

  3. Step 3 Share on social media

    Inspire others with photos of your Christmas card.
    #MoreTheMerrier or tag @besomeoneforsomeone

Card writing tips Frequently asked questions

Make a donation

Your donation this festive season will help make someone that is lonely during Christmas feel more connected and loved this Christmas.

Any amount you are able to spare will go towards Christmas hampers of connection for seniors who would otherwise be lonely this Christmas. Each senior will receive:

  • A beautiful hamper to open on Christmas Day – hand-delivered where possible with time for a chat
  • A handwritten card from a member of the community to show the recipient they care
  • A phone call on Christmas Day from a specially selected elf or fairy, ready to spread Christmas cheer.

Gifts of connection

Read stories of a connected Christmas submitted by people all over Australia.

Photo of handmade Christmas hampers with fruits, teas and crackers.
Our neighbors are all elderly people who seldom have people visit them. When we first moved in with young children, we kept to ourselves, but one year we decided to make the first step to cheer them up. So I made up fruit baskets while the kids designed and wrote Christmas cards. Now it’s a Christmas tradition we have ongoing for 4 years, sometimes we bake something, sometimes it’s something special we put together, and I know that the old folk look forward to the smile of the 3 children on their doorstep. Sometimes they think of the kids too, like in the ooshies collecting that just past one neighbour would regularly keep hers for them. It’s just so heartwarming and we are so grateful for the friendships we have and so thankful that we are able to make their Christmas just a little brighter every year.
Joy, VIC

I recently moved into my boyfriend and his family's house while I study at university. I jog in the afternoons and noticed many retirees living in the area going for a stroll. This Christmas I will be putting little surprise homemade Christmas biscuits in their letter boxes along with with a hello card, to all of the neighbours in the area, so that everyone can receive a gift knowing someone cares for them.

Kristy, QLD
Drawing of koala with santa hat and "koala-ty time" in red text below
With the power of technology, I always love to use Airdrop to send fun little festive images to random strangers in public. It’s really lovely to see their faces surprised, which then becomes happy. It’s the little things in life that matter. I’m also a graphic designer, so I love drawing my own festive little doodles to share.
Jenny, NSW
My brother, his girlfriend and I started cooking for the homeless throughout this year. Although it has slowed down a bit due to them moving house, I would love to start it again for Christmas and even make some hampers of essentials to hand out or donate.
Ebony, NSW
Photo: Bags of home made gingerbread cookies

This Christmas, I was inspired by the More the Merrier campaign to do something nice and out of the ordinary for those around me. My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment 10 months ago, and we still hadn’t officially met any of our neighbours. In the leadup to Christmas, I decided to bake and decorate some gingerbread cookies to give out to these people – an excuse for an introduction and for spreading the festive cheer all at the same time! Our neighbours were surprised yet delighted by my visit, and I chatted with everyone for a while. It turns out that an elderly gentleman lives underneath us, all by himself, and it was from him that I received a Christmas gift of my own.

Fruzsina, QLD
This Christmas I'll be taking my mum who's in a wheelchair down to my sister's place in Sydney. It'll be be the first time the 3 of us have been together on Christmas and it's gonna be extra special for my mum as she isn't able to get down to see my sister as much after her accident a few years back. Merry Christmas to all and good luck x
Corey, NSW
Photo of house donned with Christmas lights
Christmas... the most magical time of the year. Decorating the house with festive lights brings a lot of joy and smiling faces, especially when the elderly come and visit. Even my Nan dresses up as Mrs Claus, handing out treats to passers-by. Last year, we decided to have a good coin donation to raise money to donate to our local retirement home to go towards a new bus, and this year we will be doing the same, as well as having the first seniors Xmas Light tour so they can get out and enjoy the festive decorations around town. Nothing beats seeing their smiling faces and reminiscing of Christmas days past.
Jade, VIC
A group of us did a Kris Kringle-like thing, but with food, and ordered food delivery for another friend. We all went online to eat together and had to try and guess who ordered your food.
Esther, VIC
Photo: Elderly lady with Christmas present smiling

Gwen is 94 years old, lives on her own and has no family – she had spent many Christmases completely alone. I decided to change that this year for Gwenny, visiting her to help her decorate her home, even setting up her own Christmas Tree. I invited any visitors providing services to Gwenny to leave a gift under the Christmas Tree which they cheerfully did. It transformed Christmas for Gwenny- who was all smiles opening her Christmas presents!

Every year we love to go as a family and drop off little gifts to random friends who are having a rough time. A lot of my friend groups are sole parents of children with disabilities which can be especially lonely. And they don't usually get any gifts unless they buy it for themselves. So we like to drop off a bottle of wine or a giftcard, or chocolates and a movie for the whole family to enjoy.
Jodie, VIC
We live on an isolated street in the suburbs of Sydney, down the road is a big apartment block with international students living alone, and we often extend the invitation for them to come and join us for Christmas dinner and beers!
Ben, NSW

I’ll bake Christmas treats for my neighbours and take my dog for pats and cuddles with my neighbour whose wife passed away a few years ago. He loves my dog and doesn’t see her enough.

Chanel, NSW
Photo of Andrea, Memo and Danny

I invited two siblings, Memo and Danny to join my family Christmas lunch, as they had recently moved to Australia and had no family or friends to celebrate with. It was wonderful for Memo and Danny to spend the evening with people their own age who had similar experiences. Memo and Danny learned what a Christmas cracker is and exchanged stories. The fully decorated house, present swapping and family meal reminded Memo and Danny of home and made the day memorable instead of lonely.

Every year, on the street my home is situated on, we hold a Christmas party. One where every resident of the street is encouraged to come, laugh, and catch up - all while over a Christmas feast organised by both sides of the street (and alternating each year!). One side of the street brings the savoury food and the other, sweets. There's always the annual Christmas caroling that night, as well as the music for all the street to hear (given that we all meet out on the lawn of one or more houses!) The Christmas spirit truly does bring everyone together.
Christine, VIC
Photo: Justin playing a guitar

I'll volunteer my time to play music at a local country music club for the enjoyment of those that may have lost loved ones.

This year, COVID restrictions pending, I will be having my usual orphans Christmas. This is where I invite friends, family and work mates I know over for a Christmas lunch BBQ. I invite those I specifically know would be spending the day alone as their family have either all moved away (or the person relocated themselves for whatever reason), or have passed away and have no one to spend it with. I bake a turkey and BBQ snags and prawns, they bring a plate of salad, breads, deserts, so everyone feels included and useful.
Sam, VIC

Our family loves this time of year and our annual tradition of a bbq breakfast on the beach on Christmas morning. This year we have asked our elderly neighbour to join us. She is recently widowed,  her remaining family live overseas and have minimal contact. She told me her bucket list wish is to never spend Christmas alone. I told her that I’m a dream maker :)

Collage of photos: Nenita and her son making a Christmas tree out of tree branches and paper stars to decorate it.
My bestie, Janet, loves to decorate her Christmas tree every year. But this year she felt doesn’t want to put it up as she’s very lonely and affected by what is happening to the world this year. His husband is very sick too. So my little one and I made her a driftwood Christmas tree that I know she would be happy with and we will stay with them on Christmas Day. We don’t want them to feel down, and never let them forget the spirit of Christmas. I would love to make her Christmas Day unique and memorable.
Nenita, VIC
I am unfortunately not able to see my family this year due to lockdown, however I have already bought them presents and hope to video call with them. I am also donating to charity through my local supermarket that aims to help people in need by donating extra food over the Christmas period.
Max, QLD
So far, Christmas has always been a terrible time of the year for myself. I would always be working, and it would always be alone due to the nature of the work. This was made worse after I met my wife and family. I actually had a reason to be home! But alas, I was stuck. This year is my first Christmas with actual people for the last 12 years. I plan on carrying on a tradition from my mother, and inviting all the people who have no one, or the people who don't get along with their families, and everyone who wants to come, around for dinner and drinks. It always put a lot of smiles on faces and I was proud to be part of it.
Lachlan, VIC
I will attempt to connect with all my friends staying in Australia this holiday, especially the international students who cannot celebrate with their families. I will attempt to drive a community celebration in efforts to terminate the possibility of people sitting at home lonely on Christmas Eve. Furthermore, I aim to connect with all members of my friends and family group back home in Norway. I know some of them might feel more lonely than other, especially due to COVID-19. I will do my best in providing these individuals with the company they deserve. I will, furthermore, reach out to my friends abroad who cannot visit their families this holiday - I aim to prove they are not alone. Together we can tackle loneliness. - Gregg the Lonely Egg.
Wilhelm, QLD
As I live in Melbourne and my mother is in Brisbane, it has been hard to connect with each other over the COVID period. She isn't the best with technology, so I sent her one of my old iPads, which has cracks on the screen as I cannot afford to get her a new one. She was so happy and I have been able to Zoom her every week! Now that the borders are open, I am going to surprise her with a visit for Christmas and I plan on Zooming with her and filming the reaction on camera. A new iPad would definitely help me achieve this better and make her year!
Lisa, VIC
Photo of Amber and Grandpa Keith with reindeer photo filter
I work with the elderly and this year have decided to spend time with a 95 year old gentleman that my family and I have adopted. We call him Grandpa Keith. Gramps has no family, his parents were killed at an early age through accidents involving him, he has never forgiven himself. He was driving a car that his mum was a passenger in and he took a wrong turn and they collided with a truck, tragically she was killed. His father was on his way to the train station many years ago to put Gramps’s tool box onto the train to send him when apparently he had a heart attack and passed away. 
Gramps has no one, I’m adopted myself and have always felt lost and a bit lonely, so my work as a support worker over the years has fulfilled my life in so many ways. My kids and I love him to bits and I’d love to give him an iPad so he could relax on his recliner and use the net rather than try and unsteadily make his way to his desktop. At 95 the comfiest spot is his recliner. This prize would make his day.
Amber, NT

I invited my elderly neighbour to spend Christmas day with me as he is all alone. We will go to my daughters house and will enjoy a yummy Christmas lunch with my daughter, her husband and my three grandchildren.

Melinda, QLD
Melissa's son playing with Christmas tree bauble

It’s my son's first Christmas away from my Nan and Grandpa, so we’ve sent them a Christmas book that my son also has. This way they can have the gift of reading the same book together over video call on Christmas Day.

Melissa, VIC
Family photo

Somewhat hard to bring people together given our circumstances, however for this Christmas we have received a special exemption to allow our Grandfather who has been locked away in a nursing home all year to spend Christmas day with us and the rest of the family. Having been all alone this year and suffering from dementia, I'm glad we are able to make his the end of this year a little less lonely and spend some time with him over this holiday season.

Ash, VIC
Older sister in Santa costume and younger sister sitting next to her
Our family's Christmas Tradition: every year my husband dresses up as Santa and hands presents to our two daughters. Our Santa was missing this year due to commitments overseas working in the Navy. The first Christmas he has ever missed. Our eldest daughter came up with an idea that she could dress up as Santa this year. Real superstar she is, brightening up our youngest daughter's Christmas. We celebrated Christmas in early December so we could send these photos to my husband to surprise him. All round smiles what a lovely Christmas we had.
Sandra, NSW

My 12 year-old got in touch with a nursing home to find an elderly pen pal to send letters and drawings to.

Christina, WA

When lockdown struck, only the homeless were left on our streets. The hotel next door to me took them in, and I worked with them to make it become their home. We are throwing a Christmas party for all those amazing people who had only a temporary home, but came together and helped each other feel a sense of place and belonging during this challenging year.

Chris, WA

I visited an elderly old neighbour who had to move off his farm and into town earlier this year. I was able to take one of my goat kids, a pet chook and my dog in for the Christmas visit. I could see his face light up as he petted the farm friends he misses so much living in town. It was a joyful occasion for both of us. Unfortunately he has since passed away but I feel so grateful that I have that lasting memory of the happiness my visit brought.

Deanna, NSW

It's been an intense year. I came to Australia from Burundi seeking asylum. After 4 years of wait, I was finally granted refugee status and a permanent residency in May 2020. On the same day I received an offer letter to do a PhD at the University fo Melbourne. I just started my research that will explore empowerment strategies of women with lived experience of seeking asylum in Australia. There are many girls and women who are in the same situation I used to be in, they do not have access to education and employment opportunities, their visa prevents them from feeling free and they miss their family more than anything especially during the festive season. During covid, most of them did not have access to jobkeeper or jobseeker and they were left behind at at time where everyone needed support, compassion and love. I am planning on writing Christmas cards to some of the women asylum seekers who have had a difficult year just to share a message of hope to let them that one day they will be free like myself, that tomorrow the sun will shine again and they should not give up on their dreams. 'Someone out there loves you and is praying for you'.

Mimi, VIC

Hi I have planned this Christmas to celebrate with sick people at hospital. Most of the elderly patients are not allowed to be visited by their family or friends due to COVID 19 pandemic. So, me and some of my dear colleagues did not apply for holiday this year. We are cooking some cake and cookies - bringing all ( who are able to mobilise) elderly patients to meeting hall and going to celebrate with them . My daughter going to join as well. This Christmas is so hard as my parents unable to come Australia . So it’s going be more meaningful Christmas this year. Thank you

Sahida, NSW
Rebecca's daughters

This year we have been walking around each night singing Christmas carols. My kids love it and there are so many people who smile when we walk past them and wave, singing our carols. My 3 year old does so well remembering the words and singing along with my mother and myself. I have a 12 month old that holds bells the whole time and dances along to us. It has been a lovely way to get out about and spread Christmas spirit after such a strange and stressful year.

When my kids are a bit older and restrictions have eased I plan to take this idea into a few nursing homes and give the residents carols at their doors. I wish so much we could do it this year for them. Next year hopefully we can spread our Christmas carols to the elderly in homes. I think they need as much cheer as possible xx

(I don't have a picture of us out caroling but these are the two little elves that are mentioned ☺️)

Rebecca, NSW
I live in a gorgeous apartment complex complete with a function room.  And on Christmas evening I am hosting in this room a special supper for some of my elderly neighbours who were recently widowed, and feel like life holds nothing for them any longer.  I'm getting them all a bottle of wine, a personalised hand made card,  and a little special gift to make them feel good, and festive home made finger food followed by mini plum puddings that they can take home too if they don't wish to over indulge at our soiree.  I'm taking a Mistletoe too, for cheeky kisses will bring smiles and laughter.  
Diana, VIC
Group photo of party
I always invite friends that are on their own for Xmas Eve and make a big feast for all I have been doing this for over ten years and always have extra people that someone knows that doesn’t have family and I make the best Whisky Egg nog and they bring their bits of whisky to add to the making if this festive evening I love it.
Louise, VIC
Hubby & I do a 'Christmas Mega Breakfast Feast' all our family, & extended family come. We also have an 'open door policy' so anyone attending can invite someone who may be alone, &/or their family can come and celebrate Christmas. All are welcome!! There is always plenty of food, drink, conversation, laughs, and presents, for everyone. No-one needs to bring anything. On really hot days, the pool is open too. We just ask to watch your own children when in the pool. We also give presents under the Kmart tree, for less fortunate teens. Teens often miss out because they are hard to buy for. We don't like knowing that someone is alone on Christmas, we are fortunate and like to share.
Amanda, SA
Kristyn and her mother

To help make Christmas less lonely and much more festive this holiday season, my mother and I are going to be working as a team!

My beautiful mother works in Home Aged Care and has asked to work Christmas day so she can spend time with some of her clients who wont have any family vising this year. She knows how something as little as a small afternoon tea, breakfast or lunch on Christmas day will truly make their days and help them to feel loved and not alone this year. I will be tagging along to help with all the preparation and to give out my love as well.

Kristyn, QLD
I am bringing family and friends together for a traditional Christmas lunch. Then I am heading off tp the hospital to work a late shift. This will let me bright my patients evening and hopefull make there Christmas less lonely. I am also taking christmas cake and fruit mince tarts to the hospital to share with the other nurses who are working. We might be working on CHristamas day but we can still have the taste of Christmas.
Gaye, QLD

When I return home from our Christmas holiday I am going to visit our local Meals on Wheels and volunteer in the kitchen. I did this last year and really enjoyed helping prepare meals for the clients.

Nicola, QLD

Currently my younger brother is in Germany amid lockdown. Prior to that he was in China. The family has come together to do a video present opening and lunch online. We have sent him a family momento to let him know he is not alone.

Stuart, QLD

My Aunt is unable to be with us for Christmas this year and she lives alone so to bring her some holiday cheer we are sending her christmas care packages every few days with sweet treats and funny gifts with little riddle cards so she can try to guess what's in the box before she opens it.

Jennifer, NSW

This year has been an odd one with no travel and we have been using virtual meetings for most of it to get our work done. Since we can't safely travel to see our friends and family we thought it would be a good idea to do a virtual Christmas. We have planned a big family dinner and will set up the TV on the table so it looks like our table is huge!!

Tony, WA

I plan to volunteer as part of our local community lunch. It's become a very valuable event and well attended by many people who might otherwise have a very lonely day. It's a time and place where people feel equality, respect and non-judgement, community bringing a sense of belonging.

Wendy, VIC

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