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We're glad you're here

We all need someone meaningful in our lives, and to be that someone for others, too.

No one should face loneliness alone

Did you know that 1 in 4 Australians struggle with loneliness?

We’re sure you’ll agree that’s just too many.

Welcome to Be Someone For Someone, a place where, together, we can:

  • Learn about loneliness, what triggers it and the impact it has when left unaddressed
  • Seek and offer support
  • Hear stories from people who have found ways to tackle loneliness
  • Create programs to help us better connect

At Be Someone For Someone we believe that no one should be lonely – and that together, we’ve got this.

Puzzle piece artworks made into collage with Connection Project title on top

We are better together

Inspired by US artist and curator Tim Kelly, artists, celebrities, public figures, people from community, groups, children, staff, clients and volunteers created individual puzzle artwork representing "I feel most loved when...". This formed a giant art installation with the theme of connection. Many of these pieces were donated for sale with all proceeds going towards tackling loneliness.